An apple for the Teacher Assistants by Danny Gregory

While taking our kourses, you may have met our Sketchbook Skool Teacher Assistants. These are students who have taken lots of Sketchbook Skool klasses, kind of like juniors and seniors in high school. They know what it’s like to be a newbie at school: What do you do, where do you go, and how does this work? Sketchbook Skool Teacher Assistants are there to show new folks around our virtual campus, and they’re great at helping to fend off monkey attacks, when you think your art sucks and you should give up. TAs are there to remind you that, in the words of the great painting teacher Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”

Now, maybe it’s your turn to be a TA! If you’d like to help students in our next term, click here to fill out the application. We’re currently accepting applications for TAs for Beginning and Storytelling. Some rules n’ stuff: We need applications by November 21, 2016. You must have been a Sketchbook Skool student for at least one kourse, and be able to dedicate one week (or more, if you’d like) during our next term to being a TA. Don’t worry, it’s not a full-time job–just pop in, offer guidance and encouragement, and help us to keep making Sketchbook Skool the best online creativity community possible. Thank you, and see you in klass!

What’s Sketchbook Skool? Answers to these and many other questions, including, “Can you really teach me how to draw?” are just a click away…

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