We all have questions about creativity. What kind of pen should I use? Watercolors, or color pencils? Why does that inner voice keep telling me not to bother making art? Can I really be creative at this age, or stage, or level of busy-ness? Now you can ask the man who’s tackled all these questions and more.

Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory will be taking questions live on our SBS public Facebook page tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, at 12 noon EDT. Just post your questions on the Facebook page with the hashtag #sbsaskdanny. Can’t make the live chat in real time? No problem; post your question on the Facebook page with the hashtag, and we’ll give it to Danny to answer. And we’ll have a video of the chat you can watch later on.

We also welcome live sketches of Danny during the chat—after all, why miss a chance to warm up for Vin Ganapathy’s portraiture klass in Polishing? Come up with your questions, post them on Facebook with the hashtag #sbsaskdanny, and get ready to get creative!

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