art supplies to take on a trip

Tips!: Art Supplies to Take on a Trip


Summer’s here, and it’s time for vacations! The main question among Sketchbook Skool students isn’t what clothes or shoes to bring, but “How many art supplies can I fit in my travel bag?”

We’ve gotten some great advice on traveling with art tools from fakulty members and students over past holidays, and we gathered it all together here in one handy place. That way, you won’t have to leave your sunblock at home because you packed every tube of watercolor you own instead!

  • Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Brenda Swenson travels a lot, so she’s designed this perfect travel watercolor palette for sketching on location.
  • Looking for a good travel watercolor case? Cathy Johnson has these DIY photos for you to design the case that’s right for you.
  • What if you’re traveling so light you don’t even want to take paints at all? No problem, says Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene, who shows you the lightest palette of all in this Draw Tip Tuesday video.
  • Sometimes you pack all your art supplies but get rained out of sketching on location (boo!), or your inspiration decided to stay at home. Here’s a list of Sketchbook Skool students’ favorite things to draw while on a trip. This list is also great for drawing with kids!
  • More inspiration: Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory wrote this post about why your sketchbook can be one of your best companions while traveling.
  • Drawing on location? Koosje shows you an Urban Sketcher’s secret in this Draw Tip Tuesday.

And whether you’re about to set off on an adventure or you’re just chilling and grilling at home, here’s a fun mini-assignment for you to try: Make a map of your weekend. You can make a map of where you go on your trip, or a map of what you have planned for the weekend. Use the map above by Nate Padavick, co-creator of map art website They Draw and Travel, and the teacher in our kourse Let’s Make A Map, as inspiration. And whether you’re traveling far or just to your own backyard, bring your sketchbook!

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