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Draw Tip Tuesday: Art Journaling


In this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene discusses a very important element of Art Journaling: unimportant things.

We usually think sketchbooks should be reserved for meticulous drawings of meaningful subjects. This can be especially true with a new sketchbook (First Blank Page Syndrome, anyone?). But the best way to break in a new sketchbook is to draw seemingly unimportant items, things that may at first appear unrelated but that are all a part of your day. Even when your sketchbook isn’t new, a page or a spread of the little bits that make up your life creates a meaningful work of art.

How to Start An Art Journal

Once you see Koosje’s demonstration, you’ll agree: what seems unimportant now can become one of the most important parts of your sketchbook.

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