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The Top Art Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following


We’re letting you in on our favorite art Instagram accounts to follow to inspire you.

Instagram is an endless portfolio of all the arts from drawing, painting, illustration, to performance and dance. It’s also a unique window into the creative process. But to avoid getting sucked into the infinite, thumb swiping abyss, I set myself certain rules to infuse, rather than drain, my creative energy.

Here are a few tips to use Instagram as an inspiration machine:

  • Don’t follow everyone. Think of your news feed as a gallery and you as the curator. Pick 20 or so of your favorite accounts and only follow these people. Remember that your feed will fill with posts from everyone you follow and you want this feed to be as rich with inspiring images as possible!
  • Don’t just follow visual artists. If you’re building a visual stream for inspiration, make sure you throw in some curve balls to shake things up when you’re in a rut. Try following a dancer, or an overseas journalist, or a wacky celebrity stylist. And definitely some aggregators like @Juxtapoz or @ChildrensIllustration.
  • Set creative challenges. What if you looked at your feed for five minutes and then immediately sketched for five minutes? Set small creative challenges to use Instagram to get you drawing and not just scrolling.
  • Put your work out there, even if you don’t get a response. One of the best ways to get better is to share what you’re doing. No one can give you tips, tricks, advice and (yes) even praise if they don’t know what you’re doing! Share your work confidently from wherever you are on your artistic journey. Who knows – you may be in someone else’s curated Instagram gallery of inspiration! That’ll keep you sketching!

— Amanda Rentschler, Provost of Posts

Want more specific inspiration? Download this list of our favorite Instagram feeds.

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