Art by: Barbara Luel

Are you afraid of using certain media because they bleed through your sketchbook pages? There’s nothing worse than doing a drawing with a marker or a Sharpie only to discover that a big black blob penetrated and ruined the previous page.

Fear not! There’s a new solution from Crescent, a line of pads and sketchbooks called RENDR® that’s specifically designed to end this problem. I love drawing with a fat juicy marker now and then and have had great fun with this sketchbook. No matter how hard I scribble, it just won’t permeate the page. And they even have “Lay-flat” books that you can draw right across the margin with no annoying bump to break your stride. You can learn more about these products at SketchKon. Crescent is one of our wonderful sponsors!

Are you afraid of misusing or abusing your art supplies? Of cracking your gouache, ruining your brushes or seeing your work fade over time? There’s a lot to learn and we found a fantastic resource for in-depth advice from the experts. Winsor & Newton’s Tips and Techniques webpage is full of essays and videos that have taught us loads, like the difference between white watercolor and gouache, using watercolor sticks, mixing drawing inks and the difference between color bias and Munsell ratings (Huh?).

Got more questions? Fortunately Winsor & Newton has literally centuries of expertise making great art materials and they’ll be at Sketchkon to answer any of your questions.

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