Art by Koosje Koene

Colored pencils are such great tools. The greasy kind that pop out when you paint over it with watercolor. The soft kind that allow you to create many colorful shades. The harder kind that you can sharpen like a knife and add fine details with. Watercolor pencils… I have so many! Some of them are brand new and perfectly sharp. Some are worn short, pencils that I still have from when I was a kid. They live in boxes, in jars and divided over several pencil bags.

Isn’t there a better way to store them? When you take them with you, it’s hard to find the color you’re looking for in a regular pencil bag. In their original box, you’d be able to see all the pencils but that takes up too much space.

When I filmed Inma Serrano last month for our upcoming kourse on watercoloring (!!), I was inspired to try a roll-up pencil case. Inma combines her watercolors with color pencil, crayons, gouache, ink, and whatever other materials she can get her hands on, so she needs smart solutions to bring all of her art materials when she’s drawing on location. I saw her use several roll-up pencil cases and I especially loved the way the pencils were displayed neatly when the case is rolled out. When you roll it up, the pencils are tightly secured and are less likely to shake around and break.

I chose a case called SenseBag. It has won the red dot design award and I can see why. It’s made of linen and is compact with nice design details. I especially like that there’s an extra flap that prevents the pencils from falling out. There’re a few things I’d change if I could, like tightening up the elastic loops so the pencils don’t slide as much, and finding a solution for those shorter pencils of mine, however this pencil case will definitely come in handy for now as I keep looking for the perfect travel case for my many colored pencils.

Check it out here!

— Koosje Koene

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