Art by Roz Stendahl in a Hahnemühle Watercolor Sketchbook

Last year I noticed a watercolor sketchbook in my favorite art supply shop that I had never seen before. So of course, I bought it. It’s from Hahnemühle, an established German brand. When starting a new sketchbook there’s always a period of getting used to how the paper handles your materials, but soon enough I was filling up the book quickly. It’s nice and compact and opens flat, which is great for painting or filling a double page spread, and I’ve really enjoyed sketching in it.

Fakulty member Roz Stendahl just did a three-part review about this very sketchbook - so if you want to know more about the paper, how it handles gouache acrylics, ink and watercolors - and even learn about the binding of the book, read her review here and you’ll know whether or not you want to try this watercolor sketchbook.

***— Koosje Koene, co-founder of Sketchbook Skool

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