Art Candy: A New Fakulty Art Supply Obsession

If you haven’t heard of the #100DayProject, the idea is pretty simple. You choose one action to do for 100 days straight and share your photos on Instagram using your unique hashtag (#100DaysOf__). Sharing your goal publicly can be a great accountability tool, especially on those days when you can think of a million other things to do instead.

During my own #100DayProject of drawing portraits, I binged on so many colorful markers I got overwhelmed. I had to get back to basics, and that’s when I found Magic Pencils.

The Original is just the primaries—yellow, blue, and red—in variegated bits, so you get different colors with every stroke. It creates great effects for shading and drawing hair, even a kind of vibrating, 3-D look. Now it’s my favorite tool. And all those markers that are just taking up space now? I guess I can build a coffee table out of them. Get your Magic Pencil here!

Suzan, SBS Dean of Content

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