Art Books To Inspire: See The Inside of Artist Studios

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Art Books To Inspire: See The Inside of Artist Studios


This book will let you take a peek inside the artist’s studios. That’s one of the many perks of working at Sketchbook Skool — we get to visit and film the most amazing studios.

A studio space needs to be inspiring, a place that invites the artist to create and develop new ideas. And for every artist, there are different needs. Maybe it’s the lighting that’s most important, perhaps the place needs to be large and clean, or perhaps it should be a messy place that invites one to make even more mess. So many artists, so many studios.

That’s why we loved Inside the Painter’s Studio by Joe Fig. In his book, Fig interviews two dozen working artists, from Alexis Rockman to Chuck Close, about every aspect of this fascinating topic. They reveal how they designed their studio space, what kind of paints and special tools they use, how they come up with titles for their works, what kind of music they listen to, what they wear, and every aspect of being a workaday artist.

But he doesn’t stop there. Fig’s own art involves making intensely accurate scale models of actual artists’ studios. He makes tiny brushes and tubes of paint, old rags, easels, paint-daubed boom boxes, even a model of the artist at work. And the book is illustrated with photos of the real studios and of Fig’s scale models. It’s wonderful!

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