Art Before Breakfast: The Workbook, Video #4: Travel Troubles


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Perfect for a Monday morning: Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory‘s super-honest and funny story of not making art before breakfast. People think that finding time to be creative will keep them from making art, which was why Danny wrote Art Before Breakfast and Art Before Breakfast: The Workbook (both available right here in the SBS Shop). So you’d naturally think that Danny would be making art before breakfast every day, no matter what, even during a 30-hour trip from New York to San Francisco and back, right? Watch the video, and know that your imperfect days of making imperfect drawings that you don’t like are, well, really kind of perfect.

While folks around you in airports are staring at art made by other people on their phones, you could be making your own art. You get lifetime access to Sketchbook Skool’s online art lessons; watch when you want, as often as you want. Click here to check out them out and enroll.

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