Andrea Joseph valentine sketch

Andrea Joseph’s Valentines


Meet Andrea Joseph’s Valentines

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and what better gift could there be than something you hand-craft yourself? In a recent blog post, we set forth a mini-challenge to make your own Valentine’s Day cards. Jane LaFazio gave us her guide, and next up is Seeing instructor and ballpoint pen goddess Andrea Joseph!

DIY Valentine’s Challenge

Andrea wasn’t sure if she was up to the DIY Valentine’s challenge, but she ran with it and stayed true to her style. Her cards feature Nora and George, two interesting characters from art history; she tells their story, as well as how she made the cards, in this blog post.

Sketchbook Skool Drawing Course “Seeing”

And if your jaw is dropping over Andrea’s intricate art (most of it done with ballpoint pens!), you can take a Sketchbook Skool klass with her in Seeing! This kourse features Andrea, Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene, Brenda Swenson, Cathy Johnson, and Liz Steel in nearly 100 modules of videos, galleries, lessons, and gifts from the teachers to you. Enrollment for our next semester is open now–keep your creative habit going by joining us for the next kourse today!

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