So many of you have been telling us how much you enjoyed Andrea Joseph’s Sketchbook Skool klass Creative Lettering. Now you can display your love of lettering with our special limited edition Sketchbook Skool Andrea Joseph t-shirt!

Here’s Andrea on the story behind her design: “I got this idea when Koosje said the SBS logo is like a pocket. That made me think of Amy Winehouse’s pocket tattoo (obvious, right?!?), and it grew from there. I wanted to make it look like somebody had a fully tattooed chest/stomach, like an oldskool (see what I did there!) tattooed man or woman. Apart from the pens and pencils the rest are vintage tattoos from sailors, and the monkey is a wink to Tommy Kane’s SBS t-shirt design.”

We’re totally blown away by the results and know you will be too. Remember, this is a limited edition shirt; we rarely tell you to put down your pencils, but you’ll want to act fast on this one. Show your Skool spirit–get your Andrea Joseph t-shirt here!

If you missed out on Creative Lettering, don’t despair; this Sketchbook Skool kourse is available now! Just click here for 30 happy days of hand-lettering fun.

Or, check out our other klasses here–our new term starts soon!

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