pep talk with Danny Gregory

Yes You May: A Pep Talk from Danny Gregory


It’s May, it’s spring, and it’s time for a fresh start for your art.

All around us, flowers are making their own unique art. Trees are crafting new leaves and buds and blooms. There are new baby birds and squirrels everywhere. Spring is all about creativity. And we don’t want you to feel left out of the fun.

May is Yes You May Month at Sketchbook Skool. It’s a month of giving yourself permission to be creative—to draw, to sketch and paint, to dance, play piano or guitar or the accordion, if you’re so moved. Be creative any way you want. You have our permission.

See, we all get caught up in work, things to do around the house and obligations and “shoulds.” Those shoulds build up, and suddenly another spring goes by, and everything else has been creative. Except us.
Not this time. Because this is Yes You May. And you have our permission to:

  • Take a few minutes away from “shoulds” and watch this permission-filled pep talk from Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory. Just click the image above to view.
  • Draw strangers (without their permission!).
  • Copy lettering you love.
  • Paint your food. Paint with your food.
  • Take art lessons. You could be taking them right now with our on-demand kourses. A Drawing A Day gives you 4 weeks of inspiring lessons. How to Draw Without Talent can teach anyone to draw. Learn to make beautiful hand-lettered quotes with Creative Lettering, and how to create illustrated recipes with Draw It Like It’s Hot. Click here to see previews of our great on-demand kourses.

It’s spring — a time of creativity and fresh starts. Give yourself permission to be part of the fun. If you can’t, we will: Yes You May.

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