Art Therapy Thursdays: A Lunch Date With Creativity


If you’ve ever had the creative blahs–you don’t know what to draw, or even why you draw–you’re in good company. Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene has been trying to bust out of her recent art rut by talking to other artists, writers, musicians, and all kinds of creative types (you can see the first two interviews here and here).

In this week’s Therapy Thursday session, Koosje talks to Sketchbook Skool Blog Editor Suzan Colón (yes, that’s me, writing in the third person; it keeps my critical inner monkey voice quieter). The art therapy suggestion this time involves something fun: taking yourself out for lunch for a nice conversation about a new creative path.

What are your creative rut solutions? Give us your suggestions in the Comments section.

Koosje Koene is the co-founder of Sketchbook Skool and the creator of Draw Tip Tuesdays and Therapy Thursdays. Koosje teaches Draw It Like It’s Hot, the Sketchbook Skool food and recipe illustration kourse, and is a featured teacher in many other SBS kourses. Follow her on Instagram at @koosjekoene. In this self-portrait, Koosje shows how she feels about the creative rut she’s in.

Suzan Colón is an author, artist, yoga instructor, and Sketchbook Skool’s blog editor. Her favorite art tool is plain ballpoint pen, but she also has a thing for markers. She posts sketches and yoga stuff on Instagram at @suzanacolon. This self-portrait is what Suzan looks like when she falls into the creativity ditch.

2 mins

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