A Drawing A Day: October Daily Drawing Prompts

We’re going into our eighth smash month of Sketchbook Skool’s A Drawing A Day Challenge, and we’re feeling like Phantom of the Opera, or Cats. Just without the masks and furry outfits.

But you never know what prompts are going to come up in our daily drawing challenges, so those might be in there this month too! Scan the list and start thinking about what you’ll be drawing in October.

If you’re new to the Sketchbook Skool A Drawing A Day Challenge, here’s what you need to know: To participate, just do a drawing a day. Use our prompts as inspiration. Post your drawing online with the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday. Join the Sketchbook Skool A Drawing A Day Facebook page to show off your work and receive a standing ovation!

Want a kickstart on learning how to be creative every day? Check out our A Drawing A Day kourse.

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