A Drawing A Day: July Daily Drawing Prompts


Hard to believe we’re almost in July, Sketchbook Skolars, but time flies when you’re having fun creating A Drawing A Day.

Our daily drawing challenge is now going into its seventh month! The A Drawing A Day group has been making and posting amazing art every day for the last half year, and they aren’t particularly interested in stopping. Especially now that they’ve got a sneak preview of the next month of drawing prompts!

How do you get into this exclusive, elite group of artists? It’s wonderfully easy: Draw something. Draw whatever you like, or use one of the prompts we’ve given you here. Join the A Drawing A Day group on Facebook (no velvet rope there—we’ll let you right in). All skill levels are welcome! When you post your art, add the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday so we can find it and applaud you.

If you need a kickstart of a few lessons, or you want something to get you into the daily drawing habit, check out the kourse that started the challenge, A Drawing A Day. In this four-week kourse, Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Veronica Lawlor takes you through the building blocks of drawing, with creative twists that even seasoned sketchers will find exciting.

Imagine the fun of being creative every day! It’s as simple as making A Drawing A Day. Join us!

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