A Drawing A Day: Daily Drawing Prompts for September


Wow, can you believe we’ve been doing the Sketchbook Skool A Drawing A Day Challenge for eight months? And there’s no reason to stop now; here are the daily drawing prompts for September!

Many of you in the ADAD group on Facebook got started with our A Drawing A Day kourse, a 4-week kickoff to a daily drawing habit that will have you sketching anything, and everything, you want. Drawing makes people happy, and we like being happy on the daily, so the challenge seemed like a great way to keep up with the practice. (And to keep the inner critic from stopping the “daily” part.)

If you haven’t been doing the SBS A Drawing A Day Challenge since the start, here’s some helpful info:

I just found out about this. Is it too late for me to participate? Not at all! Join in any time. All you have to do to be part of the Sketchbook Skool A Drawing A Day Challenge is draw the day’s prompt and post it online with the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday. And shazam, you’re in!

The A Drawing A Day kourse sounds interesting, but I can’t draw. Oh yes you can. Veronica will teach you how. You’ll be amazed by the time the first week is through, and happily hooked on daily drawing by week two.

Do I have to take the ADAD kourse to join the challenge? No, you can join the ADAD challenge, and even the group, any time you want. Just go to the Facebook page, knock on our door (by clicking the request to join) and we’ll get you right in.

All good? Then Sketchbook Skolars, grab some art supplies and let’s start with today’s prompt!

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