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Tips!: 8 Great Art Tips from Danny Gregory


We love talking about art supplies and various tips and tricks for using them almost as much as we love drawing. Here are some great ideas from Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory:

  • Don’t feel compelled to start a new sketchbook on the scariest page: the first one. Open in the middle and then, once you have confidently filled up some pages, go back to the beginning.
  • Always, always, write some contact info in the beginning of your book. That’s a tip from a serial-book-loser.
  • Use a piece of colored tape to identify your favorite pen. This makes it easiest to grab it out of a crowded pen bag.
  • If you use cartridges in a fountain pen, stow a back up in the barrel.
  • Dip pen users: Buy India ink by the pint (cheaper), and refill a smaller ink well.
  • To make a portable ink well, drill a hole in a small block of wood and stick a plastic test tube with a screw cap into it. It’ll stay upright, it’s easy to carry, it’s unlikely to spill, and it won’t be a disaster if it does.
  • Keep a folded square of paper towel in the back pocket of your Moleskine. If your page is still wet, it makes a protective blotter.
  • You can hasten your watercolor drying process with a microwave oven. Just zap your open sketchbook for 15 seconds. This may sound insane, but I do it quite often and only set a sketchbook on fire once (make sure there’s nothing metal in the book).

And Danny’s last tip: Feed your inspiration with fresh lessons. You’ll find a bunch of them on our kourses page.

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