self-care habits for creative people

4 Self-Care Habits for Creative People


When you love to draw, you find yourself sitting a lot. When you work, look after family, and do any of the other hundred things we do all day, you have to find time and focus to make art, which can be taxing on your brain. Creative people need self-care, and Ohn Mar Win, Sketchbook Skool fakulty member, has great tips for you.

Ohn Mar is a professional illustrator who works with multiple clients every day. She’s also the mother of two small children. Clearly, she’s got her hands full! So Ohn Mar has learned over time what keeps her running smoothly and calmly.

  • Have a morning routine. At the start of every day, Ohn Mar goes from bed to her yoga mat, where she does a few stretches. This calming routine sets a balanced tone for the rest of the day.
  • Take breaks between projects. “It’s important to give your mind space to rest,” Ohn Mar says. This is especially true if you’re working on multiple projects. Because she sits all day, Ohn Mar also does a few yoga stretches periodically throughout the day to keep her back from hurting.
  • Schedule meditation moments. Every now and then, Ohn Mar will use one of her breaks to meditate. “You only have to do it for a moment or two,” she says, but the results are long lasting. Set your smartphone’s timer to go off hourly and take a few moments to meditate.
  • Write it out. Ohn Mar keeps a journal, and she begins her day with some journal writing to take stock of how she’s feeling. You can use your breaks to do some writing too. See if you can write while standing up if you’ve been sitting for the past hour.

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