30/01/2017 07:03

#SBSADrawingADay Challenge Prompts for February

Have you been taking part in the Sketchbook Skool #sbsadrawingaday Challenge? We started on January 1, and since then Sketchbook Skool students have been keeping up a New Year’s Resolution to draw every day. Here’s the list of prompts for February. Let’s keep going!

The #sbsadrawingaday Challenge started with our newest kourse, A Drawing A Day with Veronica Lawlor. In this four-week daily workshop, Veronica teaches the basics of drawing, but in a way even seasoned pros will find inspiring. If you missed it the first time around, you can take it right now; this workshop is available on demand. Click here to find out more about A Drawing A Day.

Be part of a worldwide community of people learning to draw, seeing their daily lives in a new way, capturing beautiful moments, and having fun with A Drawing A Day.

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