reasons to learn how to see like an artist

10 Reasons to Learn How to See Like an Artist


We see the world every day. But what does it mean to learn how to look at the world the way an artist does? How can everything, from your coffee cup to the person across from you on the train to your child or your boss or your pet, look like a potential work of art? It’s all about Seeing.

How to Train Your Eyes to See like an Artist

Let’s start with the coffee mug. You might at first just see the cup you drink your morning java out of every day. Now look a bit more closely. Notice the way the light plays off one side, creating shapes on the surface. Notice how the bottom is darker and how that dark curve wraps around and disappears. Notice the handle, a shape within a shape. Shadows, light, color. Now that previously average-looking mug is more entrancing, and definitely worthy of a sketch.

Mondays are busy; we know you probably have to chug that coffee and get going. So Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene made this simple infographic that tells you what our next community kourse Seeing is all about. Those are most of the important facts, along with this one: Seeing starts on March 6, and you can enroll now by clicking here.

We’ll be telling you more about Seeing and the all-star lineup of teachers Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene, Liz Steel, Cathy Johnson, Brenda Swenson, and Andrea Joseph in upcoming blogs

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