Today’s Sketchbook Skool A Drawing a Day Challenge prompt: Quote. Art: Koosje Koene

We’re on Day 13 of Sketchbook Skool’s #sbsadrawingaday Challenge and just ending Week 2 of A Drawing A Day, the new workshop taught by Veronica Lawlor, and we’re amazed by the artwork you guys are doing! Here are answers to some of your questions about the kourse and that hashtag you’re seeing more and more of on social media:

  1. What's the #sbsadrawingaday Challenge? You've told us how much you love drawing, but some of you said you need inspiration about what to draw, or a little nudge to get you going. A challenge is a great way to keep up with sketching on a regular basis. What could be better than starting our own Skool-wide challenge?
  2. How does it work? Every day, we post a prompt on the SBS Facebook public page, the SBS Instagram feed, and on the Facebook closed group page for A Drawing A Day (which anyone can join). Check out the prompt, sketch your interpretation of it, and post it online with the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday.
  3. Why should I add the hashtag? You can do a search for it and see all the other great art your fellow students are posting. It also lets us find your work and applaud you.
  4. What's A Drawing A Day? Sketchbook Skool's newest kourse, A Drawing A Day with Veronica Lawlor, is a four-week daily workshop designed to teach the basics of drawing—with new twists that old pros will find inspiring—and get you started on a daily drawing habit. There are assignments every day, which you can post on our social media pages, also with the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday.
  5. What's the difference between the two? Anyone can participate in the Challenge; you have to enroll in A Drawing A Day. The online workshop is a great way to get into the habit of drawing every day. As far as the hashtag goes, some students will be working on Veronica's assignments, and some will be working on the daily Challenge prompts. The two have the same goal: to get you drawing every day.
  6. Why should I draw every day? You know that great, relaxed, satisfied feeling you get when you draw? Imagine feeling that way every single day. This challenge and kourse will also inspire you to try other styles, new art supplies, different subjects. You'll break out of your comfort zone and get better at making art. You'll be living a more creative life.
  7. This all sounds great, but what if I didn't start on January 1? Missed the big announcement? On an extended holiday on a remote island, one that had no art supplies, until today? No problem. You can join the #sbsadrawingaday Challenge any time. Pick up from Day 1 and binge-sketch, or start where you are, today. You can also enroll in A Drawing A Day and you'll be automatically started at Day 1.
  8. How long will the Challenge go on? It will continue until... Actually, there is no end date. Why would we want you to stop drawing every day? Drawing is fun. Drawing makes your brain happy. Drawing is a great way to de-stress. Some of you have been asking for a 365-day drawing challenge. Here it is! This challenge will go on all year. And next year. Because we want you to experience how fun and wonderful it feels to draw.
  9. What if I don't want to follow the daily prompt? We want you to draw, not necessarily draw what we say. If a prompt doesn't speak to you, sketch whatever you like and post it with the hashtag #sbsadrawingaday so we know you're still doing the Challenge.
  10. Great! I'm in. And what can I do to make sure I don't miss cool news like this again? Click here and subscribe to our newsletter so you'll be super-informed about Challenges, new kourses, and more. And welcome to the Challenge!
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