Ready to learn to draw and paint?

And then make it a life-long habit?

You can! Learning should be fun, not scary or painful. And once you see what you can do, you won’t be able to stop. It’s addictive!

Instead of just showing you techniques, we inspire and motivate you to make art of your own. Each week you get dozens of gorgeous videos that are like hanging out in the artist’s studio, sharing ideas and experiences, techniques and sketchbooks. You watch them online — whenever you want — surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people to cheer you on. And then you start to create art, amazing art, no matter where you began.

Multiple Teacher Kourses

Get ready for a creative smorgasbord! Each week, you’ll hang out with a different teacher — get five fresh servings of inspiration.

Foundation Kourses

Learn the basics and start to develop your creative habit with these introductory kourses.

Workshop Kourses

Let’s learn by making! Work with an expert artist to focus on a new creative skill and dive deeper into a creative project.

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Our fakulty do more than teach you to draw.

They become your mentors and friends. Sketchbook Skool teachers are top artists, illustrators, designers, authors, and all-round creative folks. Each week, you’ll visit a different teacher’s studio to share stories, experience, tools, work, and sketchbooks — and learn new styles and techniques. You’ll come away with loads of knowledge, inspiration for your own art, and new friends. Our teachers are active members of our community and you’ll be able to interact with them even after the kourse is over.

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One of the best things you’ll make here: friends.

You’re not in this alone. Our students say one of the most important aspects of Sketchbook Skool is our community, made up of thousands of great people just like you from around the world. It’s a safe, supportive place for you to explore your creativity and express yourself, to learn how rich your life can be through making art, and, most important, to have fun. No competition, no grades, no critiques. Just thousands of new friends and fans of your art.

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