What is Sketchbook Skool?

We are a different kind of online art school. One of the many unique things about the Skool is our fakulty. Many of our kourses feature a different teacher every week, hand-picked from among the world’s greatest sketchbook artists. We also have intensive kourses with daily projects to really get your creative habit going. Another unique aspect of our Skool: our community. Thousands of creative people of all levels, ages, and backgrounds supporting and encouraging each other to be more creative. Check out the video on our ABOUT page for a lovely skool tour.

What does it cost?

Shorter kourses are $29, longer ones are $99.

(Plus VAT, for EU residents.)

And what do I get?

A lot.

Each week during the kourse, you will be invited to the next session of Sketchbook Skool. In several beautifully produced videos, you’ll be introduced to your teacher’s art, story, and view of the world. You’ll even get a peek inside their personal journals.

Next, your teacher will share several unique and inspiring insights into drawing and journaling. You’ll be able to share your point of view with the klass and discuss the lesson in our discussion section. You’ll get fascinating creative assignments which you can then upload and share with the klass.

Your teacher will then give a demonstration, letting you watch over their shoulder as they draw and paint a full journal page. This video, generally ten minutes or longer, will be narrated and full of in-depth tips and advice.

At the end of each session, your teacher will give you a special gift. The value of these gifts alone may well exceed the cost of tuition.

All of this material is available to you forever.

Who are these teachers?

Simply put, they are the best sketchbook artists in the world. Check the FAKULTY section of this site to learn more about them and see some of their amazing work.

How many kourses are there?

We offer a half dozen on-demand KOURSES you can start anytime. We also introduce several brand-new kourses each year, timed so you can start them with a large community of enthusiastic artists like you.

Why do some kourses say “On-demand” and others say “Community”?

“On-demand” means you can start on your kourse immediately. And work at your own pace. Enroll today and start drawing today. Watch the lessons once a week. Or binge-watch as much as you want. It’s up to you — they’re on-demand. You can still share work and comments with others in the kourse, but they’ll be working at their own pace too.

“Community Kourses” are a bit different. Several times through the year, we launch a new kourse and we all work on the lessons together. The lessons are timed to roll out each week and all the students get them at the same time. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a big community of great creative people just like you, all sharing the experience, supporting and encouraging you to be creative. Sort of like a book club — but with sketchbooks!

What if I missed the deadline for the start of a community kourse?

You can still join a community kourse in progress. You may have some extra work to do — what fun! Or you can wait for the next community kourse, usually announced a couple of weeks before it begins. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter for announcements.

Can I ask the teacher questions?

Our community kourses offer weekly video chats with the teachers. And we also hold monthly “Office Hours” for all our on-demand kourses. We also post the most frequently asked questions and the teacher’s in-depth answers in the kourse materials. We do not provide individualized instruction but we hope to inspire you to draw a lot, which we believe is the only real way to learn.

Do I need a lot of supplies?

At the start, the only requirement is a blank book and a pen. And as soon as you enroll, we’ll suggest how to shop for these basics. However, you can use any additional media you like. Our teachers will be using watercolors, ink, gouache, collage and more, and we’ll give you the details of those materials in klass. We hope to inspire you — and that may prompt another trip or two to the art supply store (what could be better?).

Will the videos be subtitled?

We don’t translate our videos into other languages (yet). But we provide complete, downloadable video transcripts for each lesson.

What if I can’t draw?

You’ve come to the right place. You might want to start with How to Draw Without Talent or A Drawing A Day. But whichever kourse you take, we will get you on the road to developing a lifelong creative habit. A habit that will erase your fears about “talent” and your inability to draw a straight line (that’s why they make rulers). A habit that will turn drawing and painting into a regular, rich, fun part of your life.

What if I can draw?

You’ve come to the right place. Sketchbook Skool is about new ideas, new directions, and loads of inspiration. Even if you are an avid illustrated journalist, we’re sure you will find loads of fodder for new ways to make your sketchbooks exciting and fresh.

Is Sketchbook Skool only online?

For now. In the future we hope to offer real-world events to celebrate the art of illustrated journaling.

I’m in a certain timezone. Will my participation be affected?

Sketchbook Skool lessons are videos, and you get access when the term begins. You can watch your lessons at any time you like. Our students are from all over the world, so you’ll be able to interact with them in our Student Union and on our private Facebook page whenever you want.

How long do I have access to the lessons?

Forever. However, to make the most of our supportive community, we suggest you start at the beginning of the term and keep pace with the rest of the klass. If you fall behind, no problem. You can catch up and review all your lessons whenever life permits.

What if I want more, more, more?

Yay! SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter. Join our Facebook group, our YouTube channel, sign up for our Twitter feed, share your art on Instagram and Pinterest, or drop us a line at

Don’t you people know how to spell “school”?

Of kourse we do…