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Ready to stretch your creativity?

Stretching will introduce you to exciting techniques, materials and ideas that will have you grabbing for your sketchbook and filling up its pages.

Lapin will show you how to use distortion to capture personality, Jonathan will show you how to use a broad range of unusual materials, France will explore the science of crosshatching and show you how to use your iPad as a sketchbook. Miguel will take you on a stroll through Barcelona to sketch. Fabio will take you to Sicily to create whimsical, beautiful pages, and Jason Das will teach us about urban sketching in new Orleans.

Get ready for a whole new chapter in your sketchbook.

Topics include:

  • Portraits
  • Drawing cars and trucks
  • Urban sketching
  • Drawing complex scenes
  • Using a camera for research
  • Using unusual materials
  • Travel journals
  • Drawing on iPad
  • Collage
  • Watercolor, ink, pen

and much more!

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Student Art from Stretching: