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Use your sketchbook to make rich, meaningful art that tells the stories of your life.

This month’s Community course.

Koosje will turn cooking a meal into a fun, illustrated story. Melanie will turn the chaos of NYC into rich, expressive stories. Vin will show you how to capture a portrait from life and photo. Jean-Christophe uses location sketches in Paris to make a beautiful work celebrating his family. Veronica captures stories in gestures and body language. And Danny takes you across the USA in a ten-day drawing extravaganza.

Get ready to tell your story!

Topics include:

  • Illustrated recipes
  • Drawing complicated scenes
  • Using photography in portrait drawing
  • Telling stories through quick gestures
  • Capturing body language
  • Creating illustrations of family memories
  • Documenting big trips and small journeys

and much more!

• NOTE: This is a Community Kourse. The lessons are timed to roll out each week and all the students get them at the same time. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a big community of great creative people just like you, all sharing the experience, supporting and encouraging you to be creative. Sort of like a book club — but with sketchbooks!


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Student Art from Storytelling: