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Seeing is the key to drawing. How does seeing affect us as artists? How can we see better?

Danny will show you how your eyes and brain can collaborate better when we draw. Koosje will explore how we see ourselves through our art. Cathy will change how you see nature. Brenda shows you how to see your own life through your sketchbook’s pages. Liz will forever change how you see building and teacups. And Andrea will help you see more in-depth than you ever thought possible.

Get ready to see your world and your art in a whole new way.

Topics include:

  • Better drawing from observation
  • Self portraits
  • Water coloring nature
  • Painting birds
  • Drawing complicated subjects
  • Urban sketching
  • Still life in ink and watercolor
  • Magic with ballpoint pens

and much more!

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Student Art from Seeing: