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Take your work to the next level with new techniques from six great teachers.

In New York, Danny shows you how graphic novels can focus the richness of life into fun, evocative sketchbook stories. In Amsterdam, Koosje helps you see how to use negative space to create beautiful urban sketches. Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson will take stories into his imagination and show you how to turn them into whimsical, Rich, Complex drawings. In Holland, Nelleke takes a playful approach with cutouts and collage. In England, Matthew helps you make delicious watercolors of everything you eat. And in New Mexico, Juliana’s mixed media layers will add richness and meaning to your sketchbook pages.

No matter where you are on your artistic journey, you’re ready to give your work a little polishing.

Topics include:

  • Drawing from imagination
  • Creating a story with your drawings
  • Layout and point of view
  • Better drawing from observation
  • Portraits
  • People
  • Watercoloring
  • Collage
  • Drawing complex subjects
  • Urban sketching
  • Still life in ink and watercolor

and much more!