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How to Draw Without Talent

How to Draw Without Talent

One Week, with Danny Gregory
Start date: Anytime!
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Would you like to be able to pick up a pen and draw anything you want? Even if you can’t draw a straight line — and have zero talent?

You can. You just need to learn a few simple things. And learning them can be interesting and fun!

Danny Gregory has taught thousands of people to overcome their fears and start drawing. And he’s going to teach you too. As Danny says, “Learning to draw is like learning to tie your shoelaces or ride a bike. You just need a few basics and a bit of practice.” Danny makes the learning clear and the practice fun in this short, affordable kourse — the first of its kind from Sketchbook Skool.

And you won’t learning alone. You’ll be joined in klass by lots of other aspiring artists just like you who will encourage and inspire you too. Join us and start drawing like you’ve always wanted to!

Here’s what you get:

  • 26 gorgeous video lessons
  • Fun, downloadable assignments
  • A big, supportive community
  • Our brand new, state-of-the-art platform (superfast and easy to use)
  • And a live webinar for you to ask Danny your questions in person.

and much more!


Fakulty Art from How to Draw Without Talent:

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