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Five Weeks, Five Teachers
Kourse started: April 17th
Next start date: TBD
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Artists love to explore. Let’s find new ways to create!

This all-new kourse explores new ways to be creative. In 5 weeks of video lessons, you’ll discover the secrets of great urban sketching, fresh watercoloring tricks, street art, pro drawing techniques, how to generate ideas for your sketchbooks and become more creative, and more. Danny Gregory helps you express your unique creativity and learn about shadow and light through line drawings. Felix Scheinberger returns with new lessons on drawing people, self-portraits, and visual storytelling. Brian Butler teaches you how to incorporate different styles into your drawings. And Nina Johansson and Lynne Chapman take you on urban sketching adventures that will turn the world around you into an amazing new place. Come on a journey that will bring out the true artist in you.

Topics in over 60 videos and lessons include:

  • Sketching in ink
  • Watercoloring and color studies
  • Urban sketching
  • Visual storytelling, layout, and composition
  • Drawing people
  • Turn your drawings into shirts, posters, and more
  • How to get past creative blocks and never run out of inspiration

And much more!

Materials used in this kourse: pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, gouache (though you don’t need all these materials to take this kourse)