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A Drawing A Day

A Drawing A Day

Four Weeks, with Veronica Lawlor
Start date: Anytime!
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Wish you drew more? Need some fresh inspiration? Want to practice the basics? All of the above? Then this kourse is for you.

Each weekday, Veronica Lawlor will help kick off your new creative habit with a fun, colorful video lesson. For the next four weeks, she’ll take you through all sorts of exercises in line, texture, color, even how to draw people. We’ll go on field trips, work with other artists — and draw and draw!

But there’s more! To turn drawing into a real habit, we’re going give you loads of new tools. Like access to a special community full of tips, interviews, art inspiration, webinars, newsletters, and lots of cheerleading. You can even get a drawing prompt every day — for a year!

This kourse is designed for all levels. All you need are a sketchbook, pens, pencils, crayons and a few other basic supplies.

You can do it! We’re all in it together to help you make A Drawing A Day. Join us!