Is this for you?

It is — if you fit one of these ten categories:

  1. You remember drawing as a child and wish you could have that sort of freedom to create again.
  2. You’ve been drawing for years but want some fresh inspiration.
  3. You can’t draw. You have no talent. You aren’t creative. And you need help. Perfect.
  4. You have a cupboard full of unused art supplies.
  5. You went to art school, and were so intimidated by your drawing teacher that you just stuck to the computer and became a designer or an architect and have been so afraid to make anything of your own that you cross the street rather than pass by an art supply store. Now you have had years of expensive therapy and are ready to face your fears and learn to draw an apple. Or maybe a banana.
  6. At some point late into adulthood, you started drawing on your own, kinda had fun but feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with it and that there is so much to learn and you’re not sure where you should start. You need to go over the fundamentals, get a solid base of learning and can build from there.
  7. You’ve taken a couple of art classes. They were boring or complicated or too expensive or too far away or met at the wrong time of day or interfered with your favorite reality TV show or just seemed too much like school.
  8. You’re a fan of one or more of our teachers. You’ve read their books and their blogs and now you want to see how they learned how to make art so you can start writing your own books and blog only better and faster than they do.
  9. You just want to have fun and learn how to draw and be more creative and this seems like it could be a good time.
  10. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, then you are as unique as Sketchbook Skool. Welcome!

Sketchbook Skool is NOT for you — if:

  1. You’re looking for classes which teach you to copy exactly what the teacher does. (Sorry! We don’t make cookie cutters.)
  2. You want someone to hold your hand while you draw with the other. (Nope. We’re on the computer and you’re a grown up.)
  3. You want detailed lessons about specific drawing techniques. (We go one better. We teach you principles and show you how we apply them.)
  4. You need detailed feedback from the teacher on every drawing you make. (Better idea: We inspire you to inspire yourself.)
We are here to inspire and motivate you to draw and keep drawing so that you develop your own way of making art. And you’ll be amazed at how quickly that happens.