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We’re not
an art school.

Not the kind you’re used to. We believe that anyone can make art — if they’re encouraged and inspired. So we give you lots of different teachers and ideas and gorgeous videos and supportive friends. You won’t just learn a few techniques. You’ll learn to live the creative life you’ve always wanted.

Fakulty artist Tommy Kane
See what it's like to take a class…

Our fakulty
aren’t teachers.

They’re artists, illustrators, designers, authors, and all-round creative folks. Sure, they teach, but they also share their lives, their stories, their work, their ideas and practices, in documentaries filmed in their working studios, worldwide. Their klasses are personal, unusual, and addictive. Most kourses feature a new teacher each week (!) so you’ll come away super-inspired with new ideas to make your own creations. Here are just a few of our fakulty members…

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