You’re an artist.

You just may not know it yet. We believe that anyone can make art — if they’re properly encouraged and inspired. So we give you beautiful video lessons, warm, engaging teachers, and a community full of supportive friends. You won’t just learn to draw and paint. You’ll learn how to live the creative life you’ve always wanted.

Fakulty artist Tommy Kane
See what it's like to take a class…

Our kourses may just
change your life.

We’ll get you drawing, painting, and breaking down your creative blocks
Each kourse is a series of fun, high-quality video lessons you access online (forever). They’ll get you on your way to becoming a sketchbook artist, just like they have for thousands of others. You’ll discover how a sketchbook can become a diary, a travel journal, a creative collaborator, a playground, a memoir, a portable art gallery, a cookbook—and your new best friend. Whether you’re brand-new to drawing or an old pro, we have a kourse for you.

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Our fakulty
do more than teach
you to draw.

They become your mentors and friends. Sketchbook Skool teachers are world-class artists, illustrators, designers, authors, and all-round creative folks. Each week, you’ll visit a different teacher’s studio to share stories, experience, tools, work, and sketchbooks — and learn new styles and techniques. You’ll come away with loads of knowledge, inspiration for your own art, and new friends. Our teachers are active members of our community and you’ll be able to interact with them even after the kourse is over.

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